Nytt&Nyttigt – A thesis competition on innovation

– A thesis competition on innovation

The ability to think in new ways, and to transform ideas into something useful for the society, is central to sustainable growth. Therefore, Vinnova and ESBRI started Nytt&Nyttigt – a thesis competition on the theme of innovation, commercialization and utilization.

The person who managed to tame the fire thousands of years ago was probably the great innovator of her time. And Thomas Edison is forever associated with the light bulb after having introduced it in 1879 - even though the technology was invented by others, many years earlier. An innovation disturbs balances and drives development forward. Innovators have always been important, although their impact on competitiveness, growth and welfare has received increasing attention over the past 20 years.

Today, many people believe that innovation can help solve global societal challenges such as climate change, ageing populations, pandemics and terrorism. With rising expectations on innovation, business and society need to develop a deeper understanding of the phenomenon. How can you work more effectively to develop new products, services and processes?

About the competition

The purpose of Nytt&Nyttigt is to encourage students at Swedish universities to write theses on innovation and commercialization/utilization.

Innovations can include new consumer products, processes, services or management solutions, both in the private and public sector. They can be commercialized or otherwise benefit the society. We hope that the competition's contributions will provide a broad illumination of the subject, with analyses from a variety of perspectives. Some examples of interesting questions:

Competition Rules


To enter the competition, please follow the steps below. Entry consists of two parts. When we have received the following documents, you are formally entered in the competition:

Part 1: Electronic entry
Fill out and submit the online entry form under the tab Anmälan

Part 2: Paper copies of the registration form and a statement of received grade
Print and sign the registration form. The form must be signed by all authors and sent together with the certificate of grades obtained from the supervisor to:

Helene Thorgrimsson
Saltmätargatan 9, 4 tr
113 59 Stockholm

After a complete entry, you will get a confirmation via e-mail.

All parts of the entry must be turned in by June 28, 2018

Assessment Criteria

The authors of the three best theses will receive travel grants à 30.000, 20.000 and 15.000 SEK. Travel grants can be used for field trips in order to develop knowledge in the problem area, or to attend workshops or other activities that help to improve the skills of the winners.

Key dates 2018

June 28: Essay and form should be dispatched

Organized by

Esbri - Institutet för entreprenörskaps- och småföretagsforskning